Next time you are driving through your community, take a look around.

Think about what elderly citizens might be living next door, on the next block, or across town that are in need of your help because they are no longer able to do all the things they once were able to do or afford things they were once able to afford.

Think about the senior living communities in your neighborhood, and how many living there might not have family close by to visit or no family at all. Sometimes the smallest, simplest things can make a person's day easier, brighter, and better.

Now, think about putting these thoughts into action! Why? It's time to Step Forward and take action.  It's time to Step Out of our day-to-day routine. It's time to Step Up and help take care of our fellow neighbors and elderly citizens who need our help! Make it fun - grab a group of friends, family members, church members, etc. and set out to change a life for the better today!

Take a look at the list below and make a plan to do at least one of the tasks on it in the next month.

    1. Talk to an elderly citizen in your community or local senior living community today! Ask questions about where they are from, when they moved into the neighborhood, or about their experiences growing up. Talking and showing interest lets them know they are not alone. Don't forget to plan your next visit - whether that's a week or a month away - they will most certainly look forward to your return.
    2. Find out when an elderly citizen's birthday is and send them a card, a treat, a plant, or a hand-drawn picture from your child. Or, send them a card out of the blue to let them know you are thinking about them. Small gestures matter and knowing someone extra took time out of their day to say hello means so much more than you'll ever know.
    3. Make a list of common tasks that elderly might need help with - taking out trash, mowing the yard, running an errand, sweeping the deck, weeding a flower garden, etc. Head over to their house and ask which task you can complete for them. Maybe it's on your list or maybe it's something new!
    4. Invite them over for dinner or bring a meal to them! Good company and good food is something we all long for. Many elderly citizens find that it's hard to grocery shop or prepare a meal.
    5. Offer to give them a ride. If you're already heading to church, the grocery store, or a community event, offer in advance to bring them along. Staying social is one way to stay healthy, but can be hard as people age.
    6. Volunteer at your local senior living community. There are tons of ways to enrich the life of an elder citizen while doing something that interests you or that you enjoy. Check out these fun volunteer opportunities today!
    These are just a few ideas on how to help out the elder citizens living right here in our own communities. Of course there is so much more, so let's continue to bring awareness to these needs and start the movement to Step Up and support those that need us most!

Join the StepUp Challenge!

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